Yoga for Farmers is dedicated to providing sustainable, low-impact forms of yoga practice for organic farmers, educational organizations, and their communities. 

Our mission is to help maintain the physical health and well-being of the people who take care of the land. Given all that farmers do to provide our communities with fresh organic fruits and vegetables, our goal is to give back to each grower the physically therapeutic and energetic benefits of hatha yoga.

Emphasizing areas of the body most often used in the physical nature of farming, Yoga for Farmers classes can help to support healthy bodies, reduce chronic pain, increase range of motion, boost energy or increase relaxation.

Workers who experience soreness, tightness, or chronic discomfort can be inclined to slow down or use other parts of their body to compensate for weakened areas leading to a risk of repetitive injury. We have created tailored yoga sequences to support flexibility and openness for your farm/organization. In addition to physical postures, we address elements of nature, sustainability, and growth related to both the yoga practice and cultivation. 

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